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Birth, Marriage, and Death Records Of Families from Calvello - Abstracted Data Translated To English

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Abt and Est

ABT is when I have information, but not an exact date. For example: A 1850 marriage record states the bride is 25 years old. I will enter ABT 1825 for her birth.

EST is an approximate guess when I have no information for a date. These dates are just for a time frame. They are usually correct within +/- 5 years but may be off by as much as 20 years.

Terms of Use

If you enter this site and then put information found here onto your online family genealogy, you agree to do what any good genealogist would do. Provide the source for where you found the information. "Calvello Genealogy, http://calvellogenealogy.com"

Always Check the Original Source

Old records are often difficult to read. The transcription is made even more difficult as most of the records are in Italian, which is not my native language. While I do my best to transcribe what I see, mistakes happen. Sometimes I must make a judgment call on what the original writer wrote. Errors also occur when typing. I provide the source from where I obtained the information. Please always check the original source.


I respect the privacy laws of both the USA and Italy. Therefore, I do not post personal information on living persons. All people listed have a verifiable death or were born at least 100 years ago (before 1917). If you see a listing for someone whom you know is still alive please let me know so I may remove them. Any information sent to me on living persons will be kept off line in my private file and will not be posted online.

If you have any family from Calvello, I would love to hear from you.

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